Support the Fund for Justin & Family

Quoting Bob Santos: "For those of you who do not know, our good friend and fellow electrician/motorcycle enthusiast, Justin Eistertz was in a severe wreck. While sitting at a red light, he was struck from behind, and trapped under the vehicle that collided with him. He is stable, but suffered a broken pelvis and has other very painful fractures and joint problems with his hip and left leg. He will be out of work for quite some time. As we all know, NYS disability, though helpful, is not nearly enough to survive on. I am reaching out to EVERYONE to see if we can help him financially, while he overcomes his injuries. Justin and his significant other, also have a toddler at home. He is a great guy, and I'm sure he would do the same for anyone of us! Let's if nothing else, give him some breathing room, to work on healing! All donations go directly into Justin's account."

Please join the entire A.E. Rosen family in supporting Justin's recovery via the GoFundMe page Bob has set up. Thank you to Bob and to everyone who can contribute to this effort.